Encores & More North Children's Consignment Sale

General Questions


What is a consignment sale?

A consignment sale is a sale held twice a year where individuals bring in their gently used items to sell.  The Spring sale (usually held in March) accepts Spring and Summer clothing and accessories, including Easter items and swimsuits.  The Fall sale (usually held in August) accepts Fall and Winter clothing and accessories, including Halloween & Christmas items.  Each consignor tags their own items and determines the pricing.  All items are then dropped off at a heated/cooled 8,000 sq. foot space and the sale is held for 4 days.  The consignor receives 60% of the selling price of their item.  Any unsold items are either picked up by the consignor on the designated pick up day or are donated to local charities.  A consignment sale is a great place to make some extra money on items you no longer need and a FANTASTIC place to pick up new and gently used products for you and your home at a fraction of the retail price!  We go over every item brought in to make sure you are shopping the BEST items!  No stained, damaged, broken or out of date items will be accepted.  Our goal is for you to tell all your friends that this is the best sale north of Nashville!

How do I know how to price my items?

Typically you will want to price your items about 1/2 to 1/4 of what you paid originally for the item.  I typically price my items at 1/4 of original retail and almost always sell everything I have!  Try to look at the item and think about what you would pay for it!

How can I shop before the public?

There are three ways to shop before the public:

1. Become a consignor- bring at least 15 acceptable items and you get to shop a full day before the public!

2. Become a worker- work at least one 5 hour shift and you get to shop a full day before the consignors!

3. Barter - we are in need of several items (see worker page) and if you can help us out, you get to shop with the workers before the consignors!

What can I expect to find at the sale?

Everything! We will have tons of junior and adult clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture, home decor, books, movies, etc.

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