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Before you spend your valuable time tagging an item, please be sure it meets these guidelines because all items not tagged correctly will have to be re-tagged at check-in:

Supplies Required for Tagging:

3x5 INDEX Cards

Wire Hangers


1.  Clothing must be on wire hangers.  Cleaners will give you hangers if you ask.  With the hanger hook pointing to the left (like a question mark - see picture), place tag on the right shoulder. See General Info for more details on clothing guidelines.

On dresses or swimsuits (anything that has straps that could slide off the hanger) please secure them with safety pins if they have a tendency to fall off the hanger.  Your items won't sell if they're on the floor!

Pin sets securely together by hanging the shirt first, then turn the hanger over nupure probaflor apotheke kaufen and pin the pants by the waist (see picture) to the backside of the hanger, with the pin catching the hanger to support the pants.  Both pieces can be viewed without unpinning them.  Pants / shorts being sold by themselves must be hung as the picture shows, pinned at the waist and must be hung on paper covered dry-cleaner hangers

  They don't slide and stay neat-looking, which in turn makes them sell better.

Tagging1       Tagging2


2.  Use only 3x5 INDEX CARDS.  Pin the cards on your clothes vertically.  Any horizontal pinned cards will have to be removed.  Fill out cards following the diagram below.  Please follow the instructions to avoid confusion.  Cards can not be smaller or larger. We ask that you begin writing about 1/3 of the way down from the top and put the pin in the blank area at the top of the card.   Be sure ALL writing is below the pin.  This will enable us to simply cut the card off when purchased rather than unpinning it.


At drop-off inspection, any inconsistencies will have to be redone on your time.  Please us with any questions before investing your time!

Use the middle of the card to give a short description of your item.  This is a good way to point out if your item is a brand name.  If you have the time, this is also a good place to add any positive selling points, such as "Washes Well!" or "Only Worn Once."  Be careful to avoid negatives such as "Never Worn."  Use "Like New!" instead.  On large ticket items such as furniture, you may want to put the retail price off to the side so that buyers will know what a good deal they are getting.

Don't make any changes or corrections once tags are completed.  This is for your own protection.  Make a new tag if a change is necessary!  We will add bar codes to the tags at drop-off.  Our bar code labels are 2" long by 1" high.  They show the consignor number, price, and whether the item will discounted or not.  Please remember to separate your clothing items by those that will go half price versus those which won't go half price to speed up your drop-off process.

3. Use one inch or larger safety pins to pin on the tags. PLEASE no tiny gold pins! Place the pin horizontally and catch the garment and the card twice.  This will keep your cards from falling off.

4. You set the price on all items with a minimum price of $2 on hung clothing items.  Remember to PRICE TO SELL!  Use $1.00 increments, no .50 cents, .99 cents, etc. Ask yourself, "Would I buy what I'm bringing in at the price I am asking?"  If you will be donating items that don't sell, please consider letting them be discounted. Getting half price for your item is better than getting nothing!

5. Group small items together in a plastic bag, card pinned on the OUTSIDE of the bag.  We also recommend sealing the top closed with clear packing tape to keep it from being opened.  Scotch tape and masking tape do not work well.  Pinning your tag through the mailing tape is also a secure place for your tag, as pins come off the plastic bags easily.

6. For sets of books, videos, or CDs, try to group no more than 2 per set.  Please do not bag them, as they are often separated from the set and the tag, making it impossible for you to be paid for them.  Tie sets with string in a 4-square as seen below.  Pin your card to the string, being sure the pin goes through the card twice (see picture)


7. For shoes, secure shoes together with curling ribbon, then pin tag to the ribbon.  Be sure to pin your tag to your shoes, not the shoe box.  Shoes in plastic bags will not be accepted.

8. For large items such as furniture, lamps, framed art, mirrors, rugs, etc. use clear packing tape to attach the 3x5 card to the item.  The tape should only be used at the top so that we can still cut the tag off.

9. For any items you wish to donate, please put the letter D at the end of your consignor number.  This helps during the sorting process.

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