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The worker schedule has been extended to include working at the Children’s Sale also.  That means anyone who works at either sale will get to shop early at both sales!  It also means you have 3 weeks of dates to choose your shifts from and a choice of either March 24th or March 17th for your sorting shift.  EXCEPTION: Those who are signed up for the full time worker program for the Children’s Sale MUST work at the Children’s Sale and sort.
Anyone working 3 five hour shifts plus the the mandatory sort will receive a $25 gift certificate to be used at the worker presale.nbsp; Everyone at the mandatory sort will be entered in a drawing for a $250 gift certificate for the Fall 2007 sale (this will be drawn at the end of sort).
We are so excited to be offering a new program for those wanting to volunteer more than 15 hours!  There are a limited number of spots available for this new program, so please contact us quickly if you would like to do this.  The full time worker program will only be available for those people who can commit to working 40 hours plus the mandatory sort.  The people working this program will still shop at 4:30pm on Tuesday, March 20 and will be able to shop early for half-price.  They will also receive the $25 gift certificate to be used at the worker sale.  In addition, they will be able to choose one of these two options.  They can either keep 100% of their sales from the Spring 2007 sale OR they will receive a $300 gift certificate to the Spring 2007 sale.  You will have to decide which option you want prior to the sale.  If you don't fulfill your commitment, you will loose the option you picked.

Important Dates:

Workers Shopping Date:  Tuesday, March 20, 4:30pm

Working Dates:  Sunday, March 18 - Saturday, March 24 (email for complete schedule)

Mandatory Sorting Day:  , March 24 2-5pm (dinner provided)

  (If you can't work during the Mandatory sort, you must work an additional 4 hours to cover the shift)

We have many great spots available where we need your help!  All we require is one five hour shift plus the mandatory sort shift to be able to shop on Thursday, March 20.  Please note, the sorting shift is mandatory for all workers, even the last minute helpers!  If you do not show up for sort, a $50 fee will be deducted from your consignor check.  If you have a conflict with sorting, please contact Angie for additional options, such as sending a substitute or making your hours up on another day.


To shop early and receive all the benefits of a volunteer worker, you must commit to and follow through with following:

In order to shop at the worker’s sale on Tuesday, March 20 at 4:30pm AND get to shop early for half price on Friday night, March 23, you must work at least one five hour shift AND the sorting shift.

Workers will be given out on a first come, first serve basis and previous workers will be given top priority.  It is very important for you to be there when your shift begins and to stay until it ends.  If you want to drop-off the same day you work, please prepare to stay and drop-off after your shift.  You can get your consignor number from the website OR get one from Angie when you schedule your working shifts.

What you can expect:

FUN- We have wonderful workers you will love getting to know!

ACCOMPLISHMENT- We are busy from the moment we arrive until the day is done.

SHOP EARLY for the best selection and cost with 40 workers instead of hundreds of consignors

DROP OFF your items when you work (if you work on drop-off)

PICK-UP on mandatory sorting day, NO driving back on Sunday to pick up

HALF PRICE SHOPPING- Everyone working at least 1 five hour shifts get to shop the half price sale on Friday evening at 6pm instead of waiting until Friday morning! Just imagine the bargains!

What we expect:

FLEXIBILITY- There are many aspects to pulling this sale together and we need workers who are open to doing everything from sorting to tagging!

RESPONSIBILITY- Because this is a volunteer effort, we rely MORE on your help, not less.  You are expected to work your schedule shift having arrived early enough to be ready to go when your shift starts.  It hurts us and everyone you work with if you fail in your commitment to show up at your appointed time or give 100% effort while working.

Shopping Etiquette:

On workers shopping day, only the actual workers may come in.  Spouses or older children must work their own shifts to preshop.  We recommend you bring a laundry basket to hold your purchases.

Miscellaneous Information:

The shifts will be filled by first come, first served basis so please contact Brea ASAP if you are interested in working.  We also BARTER your services for shopping early, so let us know if you have something to BARTER!  We especially need banquet tables that are at least 5' in length and round clothing racks.  We are also in need of door prizes for the consignor presale, VIP taggers and food that can be delivered throughout the sale.  I am open to anything so please let me know what you have to offer and let's make a deal!

Please let me know if you have a health condition that might prevent you from doing certain jobs, such as pregnancy, bad back, etc.  We will put you somewhere that is comfortable!

Please call me ASAP if you sign up for a shift and then have to cancel.  We truly need your help so please try to find a replacement for your shift!

Bring any food or drink you will need during your shifts and remember that even though the building is heated, you may want to dress in layered work clothes!

Questions on working?  Email Angie at

Submit your information below and someone will contact you ASAP to schedule your shift(s)! THANKS!


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