Encores & More North Children's Consignment Sale



This message is from Brea, owner of Encores and More North

I am really excited to annouce that for the Spring 2007 sale we will have the addition of the NEW Encores and More North Adult Clothing & Home Decor sale.  This is something I have been asked about from the time we started our children's sale two years ago.  Although I am not running the sale, I will be helping my best friend Angie Vaughan get this sale off the ground.  Many of you will know Angie because she is always at the kid's sale with me (usually working the check-in desk).  She has an amazing eye for detail and loves decorating and home decor.  She is a great asset to the Encores team!  I look forward for you guys to see what an awesome FIRST sale she is going to put together and I hope all the participants in the kid's sale will clean out those closets to help her fill the space up for this first sale.

If you have any questions about the Encores "BIG KIDS" sale (as I love to call it!), please feel free to contact Angie Vaughan at 615-519-8841.  She will need lots of workers to pull this sale off so please check out the WORKERS page to get all the details.




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