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I know how difficult trying to shop while being pregnant can be! Trying to shop with a brand new little one in tow can also be a nightmare! That is why we are offering a special time for all our new moms to shop...on Friday, August 17 at 9pm. Just fill out the form below and as long as your oldest child is not over 18 months, we want to give you a worry free night of shopping! Once you fill out the form on this site, your name will be added to a list that we will have at the door. You will not need a pass to get in, but you will need to be on the list joom. Also, feel free to register your spouse or a grandma because it is always more fun to shop with a partner! We will have plenty of workers on hand to help you with questions on equipment, clothing sizes, etc. We don't mind if you bring your little one as long as they aren't up running around! Better yet, grab a sitter and have a nice night out to yourself! I look forward to meeting you on the 17th! This meeting will be unforgettable and productive for all participants, joom.com - culotte transparente. We will work to improve our common affairs.

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