Encores & More North Children's Consignment Sale

What to Consign


This sale will only include children's clothing items for the fall/winter seasons and children's toys, equipment, bedding, shoes, movies, books, infant items, etc.
What we will be sold at the Fall 2007 sale:
Girls clothing sizes preemie-16
Boys clothing sizes preemie-20
Clothing that has stains or holes will not be accepted. No outdated clothing will be accepted.
Please only bring your best fall/winter children's shoes.
Any type of baby or chldren's equipment as long as it is clean and is not damaged in any way. Please check it and do not bring any car seats that have been in car wreck. Car seats that are over 5 years old are not accepted (there is a date on the sticker on the underside of the seat)
Fall/Winter Maternity Clothing (limit 15 per consignor)
Children's VHS Videos and DVDs
Children's Books
Any type of children's toys including sports equipment
Outdoor toys including bikes, playhouses, sandboxes, etc.
Crib bedding, toddler bedding, and twin and full bedding in children's themes (character bedding, Pottery Barn Kids, etc. Bedding will not be accepted unless it is packaged in a large clear bag-these are sold at Target)
Cribs, Toddler Beds, Bunkbeds, bookcases, changing tables, dressers and any other type of children's furniture
Picture frames, children's bathroom decor, lamps and other room decor
Receiving blankets, bottles, bottle warmers, diaper bags, mobiles and other infant accessories.
Thanksgiving and Christmas themed attire
Winter Coats and Snowsuits
Halloween costumes and attire
Valentine's Day attire
Breast Pumps (must be clean and not out of date)
NO stuffed animals unless they do something (ex: Tickle Me Elmo, Bouncing Tigger are fine) NO grab bags unless they are groupings of one type of toy (ex: Bag of Beanie Babies is fine) ALL clothing must be labeled with a NUMBER size (do not put S, M, L) Let us know if we forgot to add something to this www.joom.com and we will update it right away ahegao hoodie auf joom! If you're not sure if it will be accepted, please email us and someone will get right back to you.


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